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Our Belief System

Imagine never taking your makeup off for 40 years? What would your skin look like today? Most of us stop cleansing after we don’t see any makeup or dirt left behind on our skin. IT MUST BE CLEAN, right? WRONG!!!

All cosmetics contain oil or an ingredient that acts oily, and since only oil takes off oil this is how the process of DermaPlaq begins. These are the basic principles of all cosmetic products. Over the years this residue builds up on the skin, leaving a material that WE call DemaPlaq behind. This residue or DermaPlag builds up over time and literally starts smothering our skin, causing a lack of oxygen and blood flow. Hence, causing dull, lifeless, and the look of premature aging skin, congested pores, breakouts, uneven skin tones as seen in the before and after picture. Does this sound familiar? Think of your skin like fly paper, everything bonds to our skin and will stay there if we don’t properly know how to remove it.

Do you have Derma Plaq? Take this simple test...tap the back of your hand on DAMP skin. Does it feel STICKY, TACKY, CREAMY or GUMMY? This is the feel of Derma Plaq an unnatural substance in the skin. Used correctly, these products will dissolve and lift this material out of the skin, producing a younger, healthier looking you.

These exclusive products have been used successfully on men and women of all nationalities and skin types for over 35 years, with the same positive results......Beautiful, Healthy and Glowing skin.