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Experience the results of proper cleansing and conditioning

Are poor cleansing habits and aging skin related? We think they are and we prove it every day.

For decades, one of the misdiagnosed conditions faced by women has been the existence of Derma PlaqTM on the skin. Derma PlaqTM is the cumulative effect of a lifetime of poor or inadequate cleansing habits.

When Derma Plaq begins it is a invisible residue that bonds to the cellular glue in our skin. As we age and over time Derma Plaq becomes very visible as it starts to mimic many conditions such as prematurely aging and troubled skin.

I created a skin care system and resurfacing system to break down the cellular glue that bonds Derma Plaq to our skin. A simple AM and PM program, when used correctly, produces amazing results on all skin types, all ages and pigmentations.

Gerri Weise